Tuesday, February 3, 2015

“Bati Bleki” by Rona Coster

Aruba Bound
Story Courtesy of “Bati Bleki” and Aruba Daily
Aruba Bound

January 16th, 2015- We welcomed the new beach policy with great enthusiasm, because before we had nothing. And I immediately read it with interest but it is very general and can be interpreted a million ways. Nevertheless, finally our number #1 asset is governed by a policy, and I have many questions. I am mostly bothered by the pirates who rent chairs and umbrellas and I hope they will have to reapply for their permits and that their petitions will be handled cautiously, and approved for only a limited number of chairs and a limited number of umbrellas based on merit, not nepotism. They can’t all be the minister’s relatives. Many of the nickel and dime hoteliers who charge extra for beach lounges and palapas can be thanked for that private enterprise proliferation. They created an opportunity for the freelancers, who were encouraged by rebelling guests, to rent for less than the hotel was charging, hence the of colorful stuff on the beach. The eternal question remains, who will enforce and supervise??