Friday, March 6, 2015

Aruban Donkey Sanctuary starts a new sponsoring program

Aruba Bound
More than 40 volunteers take care of a large group of donkeys on a daily basis. They also help raise money, as 130 donkeys cost a lot. Now there is a new way to help support this worthwhile foundation.

Support the Aruban Donkeys (SAD) is a newly founded club for locals. Each participant pays just 10 florins a month and helps support the good work of the Donkey Sanctuary this way. Hopefully the Donkey Sanctuary can thus continue keeping this part of the Aruban cultural heritage alive. At the same time, participants also keep one of the island's most popular tourist attractions alive and in business.

Aruba Bound
To reach the Aruban population, volunteers will be manning a stand where they introduce the SAD project. On March 7 they will be present at Super Food Plaza, on March 14 at Flora. On Dia di Bandera (March 18) they can be found at the National Archives Open House, while Kooyman welcomes them on March 21. And should you have missed them, then they will be ready to inform you about their exciting project on March 28 at Ling & Sons.

Please support the Aruban Donkey Sanctuary and become a member. You will receive an exclusive membership card and a great sticker for on your car. Of course you can always register as a member via 593 2933 or via