Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Google Flight Search

Google offers the ultimate tool for looking up flights.

Flight Search

It is possible to sort all of elements listed below

Listed are:
  • Stops
    • Any
    • Nonstop
    • Up to 1 stop
    • Up to 2 stops
  • Price
  • Airline (includes alliances)*
  • Times
    • Outbound time
    • Dep.Arr.12am - 12am
    • Return time
    • Dep.Arr.12am - 12am
    • Dur. (duration of the flight/flight time)
    • Arrival
  • Round trip (price).
Choose your outbound flight and then your return flight, once selected,  your flights will be shown including the complete flight schedule, as well as layover duration and type of equipment. Prices displayed be round trip and will include all taxes and fees.

You will then be given the choice- "Book, save or share this flight" as well as a clickable link for "Additional bag fees" by airline.

To book, clicking on the price will direct you to the booking site for that flight itinerary at that price.
To save the flight to "Google Now" and you will be alerted when prices change on your saved flights. (Google Now is available in the Google app on Android and iOS.)
To share the itinerary including price and dates, you may send as an email or link.

Below this information additional details include travel information for most U.S. citizens to that destination and a link to traveler health information from the CDC.

In my mind, another added feature which may be the best of all, from Google Flight Search help page Comparing prices across dates
"Comparing prices across dates

Once you’ve selected your airports, click the charts icon to the right of the filters to open up the Lowest fares tool. Each bar on this chart represents the lowest price for flights of a specified trip length beginning on that day, with the chart showing up to four weeks’ of flights at a time. To use this tool, first adjust your trip length by using the left and right arrows next to the current trip duration. Then, click the arrows on either side of the chart to move the shown dates forward or backward by two weeks.

Hover over the different bars to see how moving your departure date could change the trip price. Once you’ve found a date that might work for you, click the respective bar to change your desired dates and see a full set of new flight options."
Besides the major alliance airlines, it shows Jet Blue, Southwest and Spirit. If you are interested in flying any of these airlines, click on "longer or more expensive flights hidden. Show all", it will list their flight schedules and clickable link to the airlines website or in the case of Jet Blue, phone number.

It also will not display all flights available unless you click on the link to "longer or more expensive flights hidden. Show all". This is the best tool to use in order to find all flights offered to your destination.

*Star Alliance