Friday, November 4, 2016

The first Donkey Calendar 2017 went to De Palm Tours

The new Donkey Calendar 2017 has been presented and, as is traditional, the first calendar went to somebody who has been of much importance to the Aruban Donkey Sanctuary. Warren Stanley, general manager of De Palm Tours, was the happy recipient of the first copy of the calendar. The Donkey Sanctuary has been included in the safari trips of De Palm Tours and thus a considerable number of visitors to the island gets to know the place. But aside from that De Palm Tours are actively involved in sponsoring as well and the volunteers of the Sanctuary may count on them in many instances.

General manager Warren Stanley has a warm place in his heart for the donkeys of Aruba and he understands the importance of the Sanctuary for Aruba and its tourism. Many thousands of visitors come to the Sanctuary every month and thus it greatly contributes to the island’s tourism.

The Donkey Sanctuary publishes a colorful, A3-format calendar annually; local as well as international events are listed. The cost of publishing is taken care of by twelve advertisers, which each receive acknowledgement on a page. The proceeds of the sales will therefore go entirely to the Aruban Donkey Sancturary.
The wonderful calendar with photos by Luc Peek can be bought at SuperFood, Animal Clinic Contreras, Hair salon Envogue and of course at the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary at Bringamosa. Our volunteers will be selling the calendars at a booth at the entrance of SuperFood during Saturday, November 19 and November 26 starting at 9 am.

Would you like to follow the donkeys on Facebook: surf to Donkey Sanctuary Aruba.

Picture: Warren Stanley (left) en Desiree Eldering (right)