Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Aruban Donkey Sanctuary organizes a wonderful raffle

Aruba Bound
Twenty years ago, in the month of April, the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary opened its doors. At the time there were many roaming herds of donkeys and the growing number of accidents with donkeys, injured donkeys and donkey abuse was the reason that a group of concerned local people got together to protect the animals. This was the start of the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary. Ten donkeys from Pos Chiquito were the first to be relocated to a safe haven; twenty years later the Sanctuary offers food and shelter to 130 donkeys. Volunteers take care of the herd, which has become one of the island’s major tourist attractions.

The 20th anniversary of the Shelter will not go by unnoticed: a giant fundraising raffle will be held. For just AWG. 5,-- per ticket you get the chance to win many great prizes, such as a 40 inch flatscreen TV, sponsored by AMC Unicon, a weekend stay at the Marriott Resort or an HP Laptop sponsored by Crown. Setar will donate a mobile phone and various restaurants and companies have generously donated gift certificates. The drawing of the raffle takes place on April 9th during a festive Donkey Fair at the Shelter in Bringamosa. Every prize winner will be notified.

Raffle tickets are available at En Vogue Coiffures in San Nicolas, Botica Aloe in Pos Chiquito, Shreck Pet Shop in Barcadera, Contreras Veterinary Services in Shaba and Savaneta en at the service desk of SuperFood.

The proceeds of the raffle will be used to fence off the second phase of the Bringamosa property. At this time we are using 20.000 square meters, while we are entitled to 40.000 square meters. But before the extra terrain can be used, it needs to be fenced off.


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