Tuesday, March 30, 2021

What to do in Aruba: The ultimate one week itinerary

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The sun-soaked paradise of Aruba is nicknamed ‘One Happy Island’, and as soon as you set your sights on the sparkling, turquoise water and endless blonde beaches it’s easy to see why life is so good here. From feeding flamingos on private islands to kiteboarding through crashing waves, here’s what to do in Aruba during the ultimate one week itinerary. Read MORE

Friday, March 19, 2021

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

9 Common Travel Emergencies and How to Deal With Them

Aruba Bound
A little pre-planning can avoid pushing you into panic mode (and even save you some time and money). Read MORE

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Is Aruba Safe? Travel Advice and COVID-19 Guidelines for Aruba

Aruba Bound

Walk through the efforts taking place in Aruba in order to make the island we love as safe and happy as possible. Read MORE

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Best Hotels in Aruba

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U.S. News & World Report ranks the best hotels in Aruba based on an analysis of industry awards, hotel star ratings and user ratings. Hotels that scored in the top 10 percent of the Best Hotels in the Caribbean earned a Gold badge. Hotels that appear after ranked hotels are sorted by hotel class and then by user rating, as provided by TripAdvisor. MORE