Monday, April 23, 2007

Bully the Aruban Taxi Driver

Aruba Bound
We were in Aruba for 8 nights in September. This was our 15th trip, but the first time for our daughter who we adopted in 2005. We really wanted this trip to be special! Prior to our trip, someone from one of the Aruba forums introduced us to a local taxi driver named Bully.

For some reason our luggage was delayed getting off the plane and most other passengers from our flight were already long gone. We waited so long for our luggage that a flight from Venezuela came into the carousel next to ours, unloaded all of it's luggage and all of the passengers were gone and out by the time we received our suitcases!

Friday, October 6, 2006

Sail Tranquilo Aruba

Aruba Bound
We sailed aboard the 43 foot sailboat, Tranquilo in September. They offer a couple of different types of sailing excursions. We chose to do a 6 hour Lunch/Day Sail/Snorkel Tour. Unfortunately we awoke that morning to pouring rain. In 14 trips to Aruba we had never seen it rain so hard for so long. Dh phoned Captain Anthony on his cell and we were still "on". By the time we made it to our pick up spot at the De Palm Pier on Palm Beach, the rain had stopped and you could see the sun was making an effort.

Overall the day ended up overcast with some drizzle and a shower. Luckily the showers were while we were snorkeling so did not make any difference whatsoever. We had a two hour sail back to Palm Beach and the skies cleared and the sun came out in all it's glory. Almost made up for the weather the rest of the day. All in all, given the weather, snorkeling was a better way to pass the day than sitting under a palapa in the showers on the beach.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Radisson Aruba Accommodations

Our room was 1717 and below was our view-- Just gorgeous!

Aruba Bound

I have a layout of the resort at Radisson Aruba Resort Property Map

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Will Not Leave From Home Without It

We will never travel again without it. Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover.

Dh took the one he and dd used in Aruba and took it to school to keep in his desk. I already plan on purchasing at least 2 more for our December cruise.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Passing Our Days in Aruba

Friday we we on the beach by about 4 pm. Hit the pool before coming back to the room for showers before heading to Gasparito's for dinner.

Elvina was so surprised, but of course happy about C. She had an inkling something was up since we were not there last year. I was asleep by 9:30 pm. C. was also tired and on overload. When the island first appeared from the plane and she saw the pretty blue water she was just speechless. She is still overwhelmed. But everyday she gets a little better.